Aug 132012

This was the first image that I took today, directly in front of the house. I was in a hurry and this mix of two very different reddish colors came convenient 🙂

The Song of the Day is “How Deep Is the Red” (admittedly not that deep) from Elvis Costello’s 2009 album “Secret, Profane And Sugarcane”. I wonder why I’ve never used it, but probably it has not been available on YouTube until now.

  9 Responses to “2126 – How Deep Is the Red”

  1. I wondered at this photograph a long time, it is such a clean composition, and the colors which match perfectly although one might perhaps not expect it of these particular colors.

  2. Wow – this is amazing. Had to download the X2 version and look at the 1200×1200 pix size for quite a while as well. Congrats Andreas – you definitely have an eye for these squares!

    • Thanks.

      As to the square: I’m only the apprentice. Mark Hobson is the master and Juha Haataja has also been in the game much longer than I. I don’t copy their styles, but both have been inspirations over the years, and if you enjoy square images and don’t already follow their blogs, I suggest you have a look at them.

      As to sizes: I’ve just added a Flickr icon to the side bar of my blog. It takes you to my Flickr stream and there you can always download full size images, released under CC BY-NC-ND.

  3. Oh, this is luscious!!!

    (And it must have been a bear to process those colors?)

    • No, not really. Mostly I’ve selectively warmed up the scooter in a few places and increased clarity in a more or less the same places.

      • Huh. I’m surprised! Usually I struggle with reds, which are so easily blown out when converting to sRGB or for print. (Even if the original histogram is ok on capture.)

        A difference in equipment, perhaps…?

        • Oh, I see what you mean. No, normally I have no problem with reds. Well, tulips or poppies in bright sunlight are always tricky, but this Vespa, standing in the shadow? No.

  4. The magenta makes a wonderful and unexpected background for that red bike! Also, the magenta is devoid of busy details, thus is better able to support the details of the subject.

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