2117 – Change Your Mind

Every time I drive to the lake for swimming, I pass by a church in Augsdorf, a small village, the church standing a little off the street, always tempting, but for some odd reason I’ve never been there.

It is a typical rural Carinthian church, nothing out of the ordinary, merely a nice specimen of the ordinary.

Yesterday I decided to make some images there. I had just left the car when suddenly the sun vanished behind a not so big but surprisingly stationary cloud.

Well, I changed my mind and took photos of the cloud. The second image is of another cloud, an hour later, when I drove back from swimming.

The Song of the Day is “Change Your Mind” from Neil Young’s 1994 album “Sleeps With Angels”. See and hear it on YouTube. It’s almost a quarter of an hour but time well spent 🙂

One thought on “2117 – Change Your Mind”

  1. Wow. The first is especially stunning! It has so much life and energy.

    A great example of not being so fixed on an idea about a photograph that we miss what’s going on right in front of us — or overhead. 🙂

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