2108 – By The Rivers Dark II

I have no images for Thursday. Thursday was nothing but stress, the only images that I took were documentary, actually images of documents 🙂

It’s funny, for me photocopiers are a thing of the past. Want a copy of some paper? Take an image.

The Image of the Day, taken on Friday, is actually not of a river but of a fountain. Going near and wide produced the effect.

The Song of the Day is “By The Rivers Dark” from Leonard Cohen’s 2001 album “Ten New Songs”. We already had it a long time ago. Hear it on YouTube.

3 thoughts on “2108 – By The Rivers Dark II”

  1. Perspective plus the proper lens can create the illusion of a much larger size. I “see” a cement embankment holding up a road or path hidden on the other side that goes up to the “bridge,” lol. that object in the distance could be a boat! Very interesting.

    1. Exactly. For me it’s a pier, not a boat. What helps here is the fact that the fountain is pretty abstract. It’s much easier to see what we see, than to imagine what the real shape and size could be.

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