2 thoughts on “2101 – Traveling Mood”

  1. This region has a similar tristesse as known from US-images of depreciated areas in spite of the fine weather. Very beautiful the structure of the plaster in the foreground modeled by the sided light!

  2. You know, I think there’s an image lurking in this one, just waiting to “get out.” How about trying this: Crop in from the left to get rid of all that blue sky. And then crop up from the bottom to meet the bottom of the building?

    The most interest for me is in the texture of the stucco wall at the right with the grate over the window. This is contrasted with the building right next to it, with its colorful signs, yet shadowed doorway.

    The way the image is right now, my eyes keep getting pulled away toward the left side by the bright red sign in the distance and the contrast between the white building there and the darker building to its right. My eyes do want to rest on and explore the textures in the right side of the image.

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