3 thoughts on “2099 – So In Love”

  1. Like I have said before, your images of bicycles each present them in such creative and different ways. I presume that the boy-bike on the left is really enjoying his encounter with the pink girl-bike! ROTFLOL

    BTW, my local camera dealer finally got in his Olympus order – minus 13 of them. He had ordered 14. He has no idea when or if he’ll ever get the rest of his order. I have opted not to buy it, although I had first choice. It makes no sense for me to go with an entirely new system, when I have loads of Nikon-mount lenses.

    So if I ever do switch to a lighter weight system, it’ll still be within the Nikon group. So I’ll get the 1X or whatever it’s called. I can get an adaptor that will allow me to use my present Nikon-mount lenses on the smaller body. The conversion factor is something like 2.6 – so this will increase the apparent range of my lenses without having to spend mega bucks. Also I have a Fuji body that shoots IR and takes Nikon lenses. My dealer has loads of these small Nikons, too.

  2. @Flo: You are aware that there are adapters for Nikon lenses to m43, too? Of course the lens then will be fully manual, but still…

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