Jul 152012

The rain lasted longer than predicted, but three hours before I had to go to the train, the sun broke through the clouds.

The Song of the Day is “Blue Sky” from Joan Baez’ 1975 album “Diamonds & Rust”. Hear it on YouTube.

  5 Responses to “2097 – Blue Sky”

  1. I like the blue – it is not often that the almost-hidden background color can be the subject of a photograph, but here it is.

    • In reality I didn’t think that much about the blue, and that’s stupid. I almost instinctively darkened the sky, shifted it towards magenta and desaturated it. This pretty much replicates the effect of a polarizer. It looks decorative, but not like a sky. I shall think about skies 🙂

  2. Whatever you did, I do like the blue. And the tree, too. If it didn’t have variegated leaves with such large white borders, I don’t think this shot would have been half so successful. Looks like a variegated red maple or box elder, which is a maple.

    • Yeah, I like the tree. You already saw it in the background of those “La Vie En Rose” images 🙂

      No idea what it is, it does not seem to be a maple. The leaves are not fingered.

  3. […] the blue sky in the background of yesterday’s post? People like it and I like it, but it is wrong. It was processed to look good (and I think it […]

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