2096 – Here It Is Again II

No images for today. When I went out, the sun was already gone. It was still nice weather for swimming, but for photography it didn’t inspire me at all.

No problem, I have a lot of older images that I have not used on the blog. Here is one of them, taken at the same time as the one in “2068 – Here It Is Again“, only this time I used the 45/1.8.

The Song of the Day is again “Here It Is Again” from the 1992 album “0898 Beautiful South”. Hear it on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “2096 – Here It Is Again II”

  1. I love images like this, pointed straight at the sun as it’s almost setting. But what are those light-colored spots? Are they birds or leaves? Or they could be bugs caught in a spiderweb, lol. Whatever they are, in my humble opinion, they raise the image out of the ordinary ones like this.

    1. Tiny insects glowing in the light. There’s a time each year, maybe only a week or two, when in the evening the air above the water if full of them. They don’t bite, no problem, and two weeks later they are gone.

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