2095 – Rainy Day Blues II

Friday when I went to work it was raining. I took a few very low shots of colorful shops reflected in wet manhole covers. Don’t know what gave me the inspiration, I just tried, and this is the image that I like best. Of course colors and contrast are pushed a little, but it’s still not overly exaggerated.

The Song of the Day is “Rainy Day Blues” from the 2008 album “Two Men With The Blues” by Willie Nelson and Wynton Marsalis. I’ve already used the song ages ago in “837 – Rainy Day Blues“, but really, it shows no wear 😀

Hear it on YouTube.

5 thoughts on “2095 – Rainy Day Blues II”

  1. Yeah. Rain is at least as important as light to the photographer that goes beyond the thing. I love the playful colors here.


  2. Wow, that took some photographers eye! Works perfectly, colors, shallow DoF, everything goes together… Let’s hope it continues raining… 😉

  3. I agree totally with the fellows’ comments. But just one caution – please be careful – a car might get too close and then it’d splash dirty water on you and your camera!

    In this case of the beautiful colors reflecting off the manhole cover, beauty is only “skin deep”!

  4. As I said, I had some others, and one among them I was really desperate to use. Even before postprocessing it has much stronger colors, but in a boring composition, and when I make the colors sing, the rest of the image gets either unbalanced or too contrasty. It just does not work. Thus: always shoot alternatives 🙂

    @Flo: the image was taken on a boulevard with very broad sidewalks. No danger.

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