2087 – It’s Raining Again

Yesterday morning I saw a thunderstorm in the west. It must have rained on the other side of Villach, but on our side the fair and hot weather held until I … stopped working. Oh well!

I didn’t go swimming, I made only two images of the same subject and that was it.

The Song of the Day is “It’s Raining Again” by Joe Williams and Count Basie. Hear it on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “2087 – It’s Raining Again”

  1. I like the play of the rows of colorful rectangles in the top part. I played with cropping off one and then two of those layers, but neither worked as well as having them the way you framed the image.

    The vertical blinds that are not prominent in the rectangles of the windows then become echoed very strongly and prominently in the backs of the chairs, of which there are also 3. The 3 bushes echo another 3 theme.

    But, sigh, then there’s the table with 4 legs, lol. What’s a guy to do, right?

    But the 3 theme figures strongly in the whole composition – the layers of the windows, then the patio layer and finally the layer containing the plants.

    Even in the plants layer there are 3 predominant colors: the red flowers, the yellow-green vertical stems/leaves and the blue-green of the – looks like a low growing juniper?

    I could go on about the red flowers echoing the red of the wall under the windows, the yellows inside the room sort of echoing the yellows in the greenery – a very wonderful composition.

    1. Thanks! I had another version, with one horizontal bar less on the top, no rain yet and no light inside the building. It had a slightly better foreground, but in the end this was it, for all the things you said and for the light and the rain.

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