2086 – The Jungle Pioneer

I really gotta catch up. It’s already Friday and this is Wednesday’s image. Every time I go swimming, I have to drive a narrow way through a small glade, and every time the sun shines through like this, I think I ought to capture this light-flooded wilderness. I never did.

The image links to a full-size version without white borders. This is my current wallpaper. Try it, you may like it. I certainly do 🙂

The Song of the Day is “The Jungle Pioneer” from the classic 1987 Manhattan Transfer album “Brasil”. Hear it on YouTube.

3 thoughts on “2086 – The Jungle Pioneer”

  1. I’m glad you finally decided to stop and capture this. I’ve always liked images of tree trunks back lit like this.

  2. Tried to link to the full size version but alas there is no file there. Would really like to try it as my wallpaper.

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