2085 – Duck & Cover

All these images were taken on Tuesday, and they were taken along with a hundred other exposures.

Most of them were rubbish.

Imagine me, sitting in the water, only head and shoulders above. There was no wind, hardly waves, but the motion of the water was still enough to make taking pictures a challenge.

Is the picture straight? Is enough of the sky in the picture? Is the sun in the middle?

My intention was to shoot as low as possible. In the two pictures with the ducks I already was at f11, and still I was getting only very little depth of field. Of course there was no way of getting ducks and background equally in focus, thus I settled for the ducks..

When I finally drove back, the sun had already vanished in thick clouds at the horizon. The sky glowed a little, the cloud pattern was interesting, but it never became really colorful.

The Song of the Day is “Duck & Cover” from the 2010 De Phazz album “Lala 2.0”. Hear it on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “2085 – Duck & Cover”

  1. You are very brave to take a camera into the water in those conditions! Your camera is living a charmed life!

    My fav is the image with the 3 ducks. Sorting out which head belongs to which duck makes me stay longer in that image than in the image with the single duck. But that image is also very good.

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