2084 – Windows

I’m three days late again, here’s the entry for Monday.

All three images were taken on Monday, and although there was no plan of any sort, all three are of windows.

Finally I also have the opportunity to use a song that so far neither had been available as download nor via YouTube.

The Song of the Day is “Windows” from Jan Garbarek’s 1979 album “Photo With Blue Sky, White Cloud, Wires, Windows And A Red Roof”.

Hear it on YouTube.

3 thoughts on “2084 – Windows”

  1. The car window shield reflections is my fav. It’s such a surprise, as we’re to used to seeing a building dissected and reproduced in such warping splendor. You two other images pale in comparison with this one.

    1. Yeah, I loved the rhythm when I saw it. It was difficult to frame though. I took three exposures and this is the best. Still, I’d like to have the chance for another attempt 🙂

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