2079 – Come Rain Or Come Shine III

This is the post for Tuesday, the images were made Monday though. In the morning we had some rain, but in mid-afternoon it was hot and sunny again.

Btw, I lost my EP-10, that’s the eyepiece of the OM-D. The same thing happened with the D300, only then it took me longer 🙂

I recognized it Sunday afternoon, and because I didn’t find a shop in Vienna when I searched online, I ordered the replacement in Germany. Monday I called my local dealer, they had it readily available, and so I canceled my order. What I got actually was not an EP-10 but an EP-11, same thing, slightly bigger, better enclosing the eye. Thus my tip: if you lose the EP-10, replace it with an EP-11. It’s much, much better.

And while I was at it, I also bought the battery grip. I only use part of it, the “horizontal grip”, but that really makes the OM-D easier to hold.

The Song of the Day is “Come Rain Or Come Shine“. I already used that particular version, and that although I have so many of them, but this is just very, very special: Eric Clapton and B. B. King on their collaboration album “Riding With The King”. Hear it on YouTube.