2077 – Fields Of Flowers

It’s a wonderful time of the year, isn’t it? It also pays off knowing your places.

Every year this corner of a field, right on the road to our lake, is a safe bet for poppies. I didn’t have anything else for today, so why not some flowers?

The Song of the Day is “Fields Of Flowers” from the 1984 album “Pure Fantasy” by Barbara Thompson’s Paraphernalia. Cool tune, hear it on YouTube.

5 thoughts on “2077 – Fields Of Flowers”

    1. Thanks. It’s a place that I see very often. I guess I must have made at least one other Image of the Day there (though I don’t remember), but now it was definitely the right time.

    1. I wonder, yes. Probably not all too different. Mark would use a blurry black border, that’s for sure. Juha?

      What for me makes this images is the processing. I’m absolutely amazed by the pliability of Adobe’s 2012 process. This is very much like HDR tone mapping. What I’ve done here is to distribute the tones much like you would see them in a painting. Think of 17th century Dutch floral paintings. Being able to do that makes Lightroom a killer application for me. Same would of course be true for Photoshop CS6, but Lightroom does 95% of what I need, and I have not found anything yet in the remaining 5%, that could not be done in my Photoshop CS3.

  1. “Think of 17th century Dutch floral paintings.” Yes!

    This is a beautiful tapestry of texture, line and repeating shapes with small splashes of color. A little different from you, and still I love it.

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