2073 – My Back Door

Well, OK, not my back door, that of a theater, not even entirely back, but what can a poor man looking for titles do 🙂

Both of these images were taken Wednesday, the door in the morning, the bicycle in the afternoon.

Why I’ve taken the color out of the poor bike’s surroundings? No idea. It just happened and I always wanted to try to do that in Lightroom only.

The Song of the Day is Melissa Etheridge’s “My Back Door” from her 1989 second album “Brave and Crazy”. Hear it on YouTube.

One thought on “2073 – My Back Door”

  1. Lovely image of a door – I like the way it’s tucked around the corner. I also like the warm tones of the stones.

    The bike image is somewhat different. Instead of its surroundings being neat and tidy, the messy weeds in the yard, and cement instead of stone leave me feeling less than enthusiastic about wanting to hang around there. So I do like that you took the color out from all except the bike.

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