2072 – And With His Stripes We Are Healed

Or maybe not 🙂

In any case I got an email from JustHost, telling me that the hardware upgrade has been done. I am not sure if I understand it correctly, the first email told me about two switches, maybe it’s only the first part that’s done, but then, I’ll just try posting and I’ll save the post’s text in a local file, just in case they do another switch.

The Song of the Day is “And With His Stripes We Are Healed” from Handel’s Messiah. As usual: if you have no recording of it, you deserve at least the one directed by Trevor Pinnock. Go for it 🙂

I didn’t find the Pinnock version, but among many others on YouTube you could hear this one by The Brandemburg Consort and The Choir of King’s College Cambridge, conducted by Stephen Cleobury.

2 thoughts on “2072 – And With His Stripes We Are Healed”

  1. This is so strange to me that you’d think of Handel’s music when looking at this image!!! Especially one about healing.

    My thoughts are that it’s an interesting view, 3 or 4 large roads crossing each other and somewhere there will be ramps to lead from one to the other. To heal this view, I’d close the blinds and turn on my computer to a lovely scene of a natural wilderness!

    1. I didn’t have many songs with “Stripes” in their title. When I found this one, it struck me as an extreme juxtaposition and I liked that 🙂

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