Jun 152012

Almost a week I had to do without summer, but here it is again now.

I stopped working late and it was already half past eight when I made this image. Oh my, do I love these long days!

The Song of the Day is “Here It Is Again” from the 1992 album “0898 Beautiful South”. Hear it on YouTube.

  One Response to “2068 – Here It Is Again”

  1. So lovely, peaceful. Perfect exposure.

    Where I live it’s almost the 40th parallel. For us the sun sets at 8:31 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time – I think that’s GMT minus 4 hours. The sun rises for us at 5:31 – and right now we are having 15-hour days. So you are probably having maybe 15-20 minutes longer daylight that the 40th parallel does.

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