2066 – Blinded By Rainbows

I am in Carinthia and I’m working. Working from home is a pretty interesting experience.

Theoretically I should have plenty of time to go out making images. This week I have not, but so far it did not matter that much. Most of the week was rainy and cold.

Yesterday began pretty nice, with blue sky and sunshine, but then, in the afternoon a storm came. The last moments before the rain we had some interesting light and then all hell broke loose.

Much later, shortly before sundown the sun cam again through a gap in the clouds along the valley leading from Villach north-west. Villach itself was heavily clouded with rain.

At that time I sat at the computer, processing images from last summer, when I suddenly saw the insane golden light, falling very low under a dark sky. A moment I hesitated, fearing that the light would be gone before I could even get out of the house, but surprisingly it held long enough.

The last two images, like that of the pre-rain clouds, were again taken from the terrace. I could have stayed outside and I would have taken images of an impressive sundown, but I was tired and even so I have eight images for this post. That should suffice 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Blinded By Rainbows” from the 1994 Rolling Stones release “Voodoo Lounge”. Some love it, some hate it, for me it’s one of the best Stones albums ever, in one league with “Beggar’s Banquet” or “Exile on Main Street”. Anyway. Hear it on YouTube.