2064 – All The King’s Horses

Today instead of lunch I had to go to a bank in the center of Vienna. I took the short route through Hofburg, the imperia palace, and that’s where I saw the bicycles and the carriage passing through.

Btw, this is really the place with the highest tourist density and it is also the place where you see the most cameras.

Well, Nikon did pretty well the last years. Nikons seem to be by far the most used DSLRs. Or maybe I am only more sensitive to yellow/black than to red/black 🙂

The Song of the Day is the incredibly beautiful “All The King’s Horses” from Aretha Franklin’s 1971 masterwork “Young, Gifted and Black”. Hear it on YouTube.

8 thoughts on “2064 – All The King’s Horses”

    1. Thanks. In reality this is very unevenly lit and rather dark to the bottom. I wanted an almost high-key look of cleanness, just as if the carriage and the bikes were in an evenly lit interior room of marble and white stucco. The dynamic range of the OM-D and the immense pliability of Adobe’s new RAW process made it possible. I’ve added some artificial noise for effect but without necessity. Let’s say I’m once more impressed.

  1. The way you processed this image makes it look like this is a scene from inside a museum, where things do not get dirty! Beautiful.

    Here in the USA, Canons seem to have an edge over Nikons, lol. At least in the places that I’ve been to.

    1. Not a big thing. The frequency is about one carriage per minute. They are a big tourist attraction in Vienna and that’s where they start their round trips.

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