2060 C – Zebra Stripes

Sometimes I still edit pictures with Photoshop. The main reason is, that I want to tug at the edges with “Edit / Transform / Skew”.

Here I had a perfect line into the lower left corner, but the image felt like it needed a slight rotation to the left. Had I done so, I would have had to give up that line (impossible) or the square format (very undesirable) or risk too much of a crop.

In such cases I keep the image as it is, tug the upper left corner slightly to the left and the upper right corner about the same amount upward. Of course this distorts the “real” perspective, but I can tell you, nobody cares. It also stretches the image slightly, but that’s something Photoshop is extremely good at. In essence you get something that looks a lot like a rotation, but leaves untouched corners alone.

Still, apart from that simple transformation, everything else (not much in this case) has been done in Lightroom.

The Song of the Day is “Mr. Zebra” from Tori Amos’ 1996 album “Boys for Pele”. Hear it on YouTube.

One thought on “2060 C – Zebra Stripes”

  1. Perhaps it’s the shallow focus, perhaps it’s your manipulation in PS of the 2 upper corners. But this gives me the feeling that we’re walking uphill a bit.

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