2060 B – Alternate Visions

In a comment to “2057 – A Thousand TimesSubhash said that he

… would have tried to make the composition more balanced. Maybe put the frame more to the right? The brass handle right is very dominant because that on the left it is much darker. Or… Maybe black & white and adjusting the handles would be nice.

Well, I pretty much like the original color version, but I see his point.

Of course I had to try, and it was clear that I’d try B&W. In the end I liked the result well enough to want to see it in a post of its own.

Is this what Subhash meant? Possible, although not likely. It’s in the nature of digital post-processing, that any number of different versions can be produced in order to satisfy any number of alternate visions. And of course this can be said of all my images. And of yours 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Visions” from Stevie Wonder’s 1973 album “Innervisions”. Hear it on YouTube.

8 thoughts on “2060 B – Alternate Visions”

  1. > … And of course this can be said of all my
    > images. And of yours

    …and that’s part of the fun. For me that’s one of the aspects where digital really shines in comparison to film, where it was much harder to play around after the shot.

  2. Nice job on balancing out this image. Both versions shine for their own qualities and as Thomas says, this is one of the great aspects of digital photography, the ability to “remix”. So to speak. (Though I still have to work out how to do multiple rendition of one image in LR.)

    1. Two options:

      In “Develop” you can go to “Snapshots” in the left panel. Click “+” to create a snapshot.

      The other way is to create a Virtual Copy. You can do that from the context menu of the image in “Library”. Basically it’s just a separate set of processing instructions for the original image.

  3. Although I liked the color in your first version of this shot I think this second one is not that bad. The door handle is more balanced. On the other side a little bit of optical energy is lost.

    Thank you for trying and showing!

    1. Well, maybe we could have the cake and eat it. In digital photography it’s sometimes only a matter of trying hard enough. I’ll stop at this point though 🙂

  4. Lovely. I’m not quite sure, but I think I like this B&W version better. But then, I do like the color version, too, lol.

    1. It’s different. Basically I took some blue filter preset and worked from there. Had I taken one of the other presets (and some were also promising) this would be a completely different picture.

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