2058 – Let’s Take a Walk Around the Block

Here are two images made yesterday. Two times construction work, two different places.

The Song of the Day is the Harold Arlen standard “Let’s Take a Walk Around the Block“, performed by the great Ella Fitzgerald.

I have it on her “Harold Arlen Songbook”, which itself is part of the fabulous “Complete Ella Fitzgerald Song Books” box. I bought it many years ago, definitely cheaper than what Amazon asks for today, but although it was expensive even then, I definitely call it one of my best buys 🙂

Hear the song on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “2058 – Let’s Take a Walk Around the Block”

  1. I am always instantly attracted to photos like these, of walls and construction. I like the stains found on old walls, it’s like abstract art to me. And I like the lines and shapes offered by such images.

    BTW, I bought LR4 on your praise. I like it even if it’s complete overkill for the number of photos that I take. It certainly does do what it does wonderfully. One thing I can’t work out though is that when I export photos I’ve worked on to my drive they look darker than how I did them in LR. Are you finding the same issue? I’m sure I’ll get use to it soon and I enjoy working with it.

    1. Do you shoot in Adobe RGB? If so, Lightroom would work color managed and whatever you use to view the images outside would probably not. The difference should mainly be in color though. Otherwise: no idea.

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