2057 – A Thousand Times

Inspiration for photography is a strange thing. I must have seen this door a thousand times, but never did it click. This morning I went to work with the 45/1.8 mounted, and the way that I used a portrait lens to make images straight on architectural details may at least have been unusual for me. DOF is on the verge of being too thin, but only on the verge.

Hmm … do you also feel that this door detail could also be of some old music instrument?

The Song of the Day is “A Thousand Times” from Sophie Zelmani’s 1995 self-titled debut album. Hear it on YouTube.

9 thoughts on “2057 – A Thousand Times”

  1. Until I noticed the lock I also thought musical instrument. Nice find. Inspiration is indeed a strange thing. It’s a bit like some books I have read where each time I read them I get something new out of them and I wonder how that can be.

  2. @Bill : Funny, I wouldn’t have thought of a weapon. Maybe because I never think of weapons, but you’re right. Interesting, in earlier times people tried to make everything beautiful, even if it was an instrument of death. On the other hand, people kept their items for a long time and they were also built to last a long time. The question is: would making planned obsolescence a crime give us back the beauty of everyday things?

    @Cedric : Yeah, you can’t step into the same river twice, and that’s a real good thing 🙂

  3. My first thought was also of an old rifle! But after reading your explanation, then I could imagine a musical instrument. But as a door, it’s fabulous. I’ve never seen hardware like this.

    I agree that perhaps we should make “planned obsolescence” obsolete! Things of utility produced long ago often were things of beauty, too, and they kept that beauty as long as their owners cared for them.

  4. A wonderful door handle, very fine!

    I would have tried to make the composition more balanced. Maybe put the frame more to the right? The brass handle right is very dominant because that on the left it is much darker. Or… Maybe black & white and adjusting the handles would be nice.

    1. I know what you mean. Fat is, the handles are adjusted for tone and even color temperature. That’s as far as I would comfortably go. B+W could be interesting.

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