2054 – Candy’s Room

This is a view through the window into a room that once was a Chinese restaurant near where I work.

Maybe it was not good enough, maybe the place is too much off the tracks for a restaurant, in any case it stood empty for at least two years, most likely more. I have no idea what they build there, but in any case it must have been hard to find a new tenant.

The last image was taken just as my train arrived, literally in the last second before it blocked my view. I saw that I stood pretty much exactly between two wagons, raised the camera, waited as long as I could, and the moment I had to release the shutter, a woman walked into the image, just at the right spot.

The Song of the Day is Bruce Springsteen’s “Candy’s Room” from the 1978 album “Darkness On The Edge Of Town”. Hear it on YouTube.

One thought on “2054 – Candy’s Room”

  1. Ugh, PINK styrofoam! Makes me wonder if the whole restaurant had pink as its main color! I love pink flowers – but pink rooms? I’d lose my appetite!

    I really love the train photo, tho. What luck to have that woman walk into your scene just in the nick of time. Your instinct to wait certainly paid off!

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