2053 – One More Cup Of Coffee

I had to wait at in a shopping center. What to do? Why, taking photographs of course 🙂

The Image of the Day was taken from the first floor down on a café. The second image is, well, a clear proof that Micro Four Thirds is indeed completely unsuitable for shallow DOF. Or so they say 😀

The Song of the Day is Bob Dylan’s “One More Cup Of Coffee“, originally from “Desire”, one of my favorite albums, this time interpreted by Turkish pop singer Sertab Erener. Hear it on YouTube.

7 thoughts on “2053 – One More Cup Of Coffee”

  1. Andreas, wonderful framing on that first image and I believe when “they” made those comments about DOF they hadn’t yet learned of the E-M5 and the 45mm f/1.8. Lovely! 🙂

    1. Thanks! Well, Ctein had a post on The Online Photographer where he explained about the relative influences of focus distance relative to focal length and aperture on DOF. Basically the longer the lens and the nearer you focus, the more shallow DOF gets, and the important point is, that while wider and wider apertures get more expensive (and heavy!) exponentially, getting near is possible with almost every lens. Not that the 45/1.8 does not help though 🙂

  2. Re Image of the Day, first thought: “Oh, it’s a little gift box being opened!”

    Second thought: That is what we do through photography, isn’t it. 🙂

  3. Gee, no one mentioned the 2nd image, which I like a lot better than the first. For me, the first could be taken by many other photographers, including me!

    But the 2nd? It takes a special person behind the lens to make that one! I love love love that shallow depth of field and the wonderful bokeh. Here color IS form, since there’s nothing else in sharp focus other than that string thing.

    Is that an Olympus lens, or another manufacturer’s? Andreas, you’re really tempting me to do something rash – like go out and get one of these cameras and some lenses – and ditch a lot of my Nikon and Fuji bodies that take Nikon lenses! AARRGGHH!!!

    1. That’s the Olympus 45/1.8 FOCUSED NEAR. That’s the point. This lens has a nice bokeh, but to fully get there, you have to get closer than with FX or DX lenses. That’s all.

      Again, for me the whole point of changing systems was size and weight, definitely not image quality. If you’re happy with the D300 as an object, there is no reason to go for another camera.

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