2051 – Something Special

What the hell is special here, you ask? Simple, I say. The music 🙂

Well, I have searched for a title and I could and could not find anything that would match the Image of the Day. On the other hand, I stumbled by chance upon “Something Special”, a great song from De Phazz’s 2001 album “Death by Chocolate”. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Hear it on YouTube and you know why 😀

The image of the window was taken in the morning on my way to work, the other two on an evening walk.

The roses were especially challenging. This is one of those images that look terribly oversaturated as JPEG, but working from RAW, there is no problem at all. It’s all there, no channel is burned out. I had to tone the reds way, way down and also desaturate them, in order to get full detail back, but at least it was possible.

2 thoughts on “2051 – Something Special”

  1. How about this for an alternate title for the first one, especially? “I Got Rhythm” with Elle Fitzgerald or any of the other singers’ versions listed on that YouTube page.

    There’s very strong rhythm in the first image. Perhaps in the 2nd one, too. And as for the roses, Ella says she’s got daisies – but they’re both flowers, lol.

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