2049 – Then The Letting Go

A busy street cuts through where once the cemetery of the baroque church of Perau was. Today Perau is a part of Villach, almost at the center, and one of the bridges over river Drau crosses there, crosses and leads into the street that cuts the old churchyard in two.

What remains is still beautiful. There are some tombs built into the south wall, but of course none of the plain graves have survived.

Yesterday I drove by and there was wonderfully mild sunlight, but when I finally had parked my car, it was all gone. As I was already there, I still took some pictures.

The Song of the Day is “Then The Letting Go” from Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s 2006 album “The Letting Go”. Someone on YouTube has made a nice animation video, don’t miss it.

5 thoughts on “2049 – Then The Letting Go”

  1. I agree with Joe. The cross image has a primary subject plus the wall ornamentation would be the secondary subject. They go nicely together.

    Whereas, in the first image, even tho there is a repeat echo of forms between the bird bath and the column behind it, for me, the column overwhelms the bird bath. And I have no idea what that black thing on the column is.

    However, the upper 2/3rds of the image has a nice circular eye movement in it. Perhaps a crop up from the bottom would help. Below the bowl of the bird bath are elements that don’t seem to belong with the rest of the image.

    But this is just MHO.

    1. Hmm … interesting. I did feel that the first image is not perfect, but it couldn’t put the finger on it. I’m not sure if I agree with you, but in any case two independent opinions against the image make me wonder 🙂

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