2042 – Gold Dust II

Another day, more meadows sprinkled with gold dust. Today it was not as clear and bright as yesterday, but Michael and I went swimming around noon and then it was sunny enough.

The water was colder than last week though. No wonder after the rain and the cold weather.

Like yesterday the Song of the Day is “Gold Dust” from Tori Amos’ 2002 album “Scarlet’s Walk”. Hear it on YouTube.

4 thoughts on “2042 – Gold Dust II”

  1. Love your “fields of gold” series so far. I love being out in a meadow to see the wild flowers blooming in abundance. Makes it seem as if all’s right with the world.

    1. Most things are pretty much right in some parts of the world. The problem are the other parts and that we feed off those other parts. It’s bad for them and in the long run bad for us. Unfortunately decisions today are never made with the long run in mind. It’s hard to imagine that today’s United States would be able to go for the moon, and I don’t mean to get there, I mean to even try.

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