2039 D – Electric Ladyland XIV

Here’s the fourth post for Thursday, and this is a continuation of my long-neglected “Electric Ladyland” series.

All these images were taken on the same walk along river Danube. I don’t know why, I really like those bizarre electric installations.

Maybe it’s because they all look hand-made, just like a sculptor had tried to produce as many variations from the the same materials as possible.

And somehow they remind me of my childhood, of a time when those things actually WERE hand-made.

The Song of the Day is of course “(Have You Ever Been To) Electric Ladyland” by jimi Hendrix. For some odd reason the original album does not seem to be available at the moment, thus I have linked to a collection.

Hear the album version on YouTube.

One thought on “2039 D – Electric Ladyland XIV”

  1. Communications. All the tangled wires seem a metaphor for the Tower of Babel – we babble in many different languages, and only a comparative few of the human population, such as you, can speak more than one language.

    The image of the cable with the pine background seems a metaphor of man’s being at cross purposes with nature.

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