2039 C – Down By The Water II

Here’s the next part of my Thursday images.

This time it’s about a walk down to the water. This blossom is a good example for the tremendous amount of highlight recovery that you get from the OM-D.

The image with the strong light reflexes in the water was pretty hard to process. It took me two days and four attempts until I had it where it is now, and still I am not satisfied. Anyway, that’s as far as I go, maybe I should have dropped it altogether 😀

I didn’t really expect anything from that walk. I just wanted to go out and snap some pictures. But that’s how it is, some days are richer than others.

The (third) Song of the Day is “Down By The Water” from P. J. Harvey’s 1995 album “To Bring You My Love”. I already had it in “1491 – Down By The Water“. Hear it on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “2039 C – Down By The Water II”

  1. Wow, such great highlight recovery! With the Fuji X100, I have to go to EV -1 to get any details in bright or white flowers.

    I’m glad you kept at the image with the bright sun reflecting off the water. I like it best of the 4 you’ve posted here.

    1. Yes, shadow and highlight recovery are excellent on the OM-D. Easily the best I’ve seen so far. I’ve deliberately recovered more highlights on the flower than I probably should have. I admit, I wanted to show off 😀

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