2039 A – Our Darkness

This is not a great image and it’s not meant to be. Quality-wise it is about as good as I would have got from the Nikon D200, using for instance the Tamron 17-50/2.8 VC wide open at ISO 1600. Only this is the OM-D, f8 at 1/10 s and ISO 12800.

I wouldn’t have needed to go that high, I just wanted to see what I get at such a high sensitivity (or rather amplification). Only Lightroom was used. Taking it into Photoshop and blending layers with different strengths of noise reduction applied, I could probably have gotten an even better result. No need though, in practice I would rarely go that high. It’s nice to know that I can though.

The Song of the Day is “Our Darkness” from the 2007 Richard Hawley album “Lady’s Bridge”. Hear it on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “2039 A – Our Darkness”

  1. WOW! 12800 ISO? Thanks for providing the full sized version, too. The noise isn’t all that bad – sort of what I get with my Nikon D300 at 3200.

    More and more, this Olympus OM-D seems to be the wave of the future. Wish I could afford it right now. Perhaps I could if I were willing to trade in everything else I have in the way of photo equipment, lol. Not ready to let go just yet, tho.

    1. Actually all cameras of all brands are around there or will be in a generation. I think it’s not worth switching based of current best ISO. ISO is a fleeting target. The reason why I made the move was definitely size and weight, and of the smaller cameras the OM-D currently has the feature set that best fits my needs.

      It also seems to be the most perfect camera of them, meaning that it lacks all kinds of annoyances that others have. Fuji seems to be weak at autofocus and the lens range for the X-Pro-1 is small and expensive. Panasonic lacks sensor stabilization, Nikon 1 lacks usability and lenses, Samsung and Sony have too big sensors and thus too big and heavy lenses.

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