2035 – Words Can’t Describe

Yesterday evening we’ve got heavy thunderstorms, rain, and temperatures dropped by something between 10 and 15 degrees. No swimming today. Instead I spent most of the day converting the months February through April from iMatch to Lightroom. Here are some images that I couldn’t help but processing 🙂

Well, actually it’s not really converting what’s that much work, that’s just a matter of importing files into Lightroom. The problem is, that I have given up on keywording years ago, and that I want to have keywords in Lightroom. Thus I spent those hours keywording the images of four months.

Oh yes, I have a Flickr pro account now. From now on you can also see my images in my photostream, and you can also download original sizes there. Why that? Well, just because Lightroom makes it effortless.

The Song of the Day is “Words Can’t Describe” from Sarah Vaughn’s 1957 album “Swingin’ Easy”. Hear it on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “2035 – Words Can’t Describe”

  1. LOL, Big Brother is looming over you! Oh! It’s the sun! I had to laugh when I saw the silhouette image.

    Your image of 2 pedestrians in the bicycle lane and no vehicles in the vehicle lanes – altho it’s an austere, totally man-made area/scene, is quite intriguing. I’m assuming you were the 2nd, but unseen, pedestrian.

    The image of the bicycle makes me wonder what on earth its owner has to lug around – and whether he has a hard time balancing to get started. (Remembering my kiddie days having a hard time trying to get started while balancing a heavier than normal load.)

  2. Those are the bikes of people (from the looks I assume many of them are Pakistani, don’t know why, they satisfy my prejudice of Pakistani looks, but certainly most or all of them are foreigners) who work for a private mail service. They distribute newspapers and advertising material all over Vienna. In fact that’s what happens when a working, state monopoly like the Postal Service gets destroyed in the name of privatization.

    Jobs are lost, the work gets done by people who (have to) do it for much less money and no security, some people make big profits.

    It does not work in any way better now. Instead of one type of infrastructure, the post office, we’ve got a multitude of contracts between different companies and local shops. Gone are the times when an unsuccessful delivery meant you got a yellow slip of paper with which you could get your package at the next post office. Today it can well happen that after the unsuccessful delivery your package is brought to a central hub tens of kilometers away. It happened to me twice, once with an expensive tripod that almost was sent back to Germany. I could fetch it from the hub on the last day before it was sent back, and I only ever knew, because I finally managed to contact someone at the shop. Oh my! Don’t get me started 😀

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