2033 – The Secret Life Of Plants II

Just a table that gleamed at me this Friday morning. In case you wonder, I think that are dried blossoms on top. Thus the title 🙂

The Song of the Day is “The Secret Life Of Plants” from Stevie Wonder’s 1979 album “Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants”. Hear it on YouTube.

We already had this song in “298 – The Secret Life Of Plants“. Then I had just bought the Sigma 20/1.8, a lens that I always call my wide-angle macro, something that I currently miss.

5 thoughts on “2033 – The Secret Life Of Plants II”

  1. I love these brush-polished metal table tops. The secret life of plants – there’s a book that was written 10 years ago or so with that title.

  2. Dancers on a huge dance floor, dancing and turning without taking notice of each other… what a strong metaphor!

    Yeah, spiders I can see here too, but I feel easier if I stick with “dancers”. 🙂


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