2030 – I’m Still Here

Am I faster using Lightroom? Faster than with Photoshop? Yes. Slightly. Not as much as I have hoped for.

Why? Because the main time eater is not the actual processing of an image, it’s the thinking about it. It’s doing something, looking at it in detail and in overview, it’s the work of correlating what I see with a steadily emerging vision of what I want the picture to be. No program in the world can speed that up 🙂

I have often said I enjoy post-processing, and when I think about it, the joy is not in pixel bending, it’s in developing an image in my mind and in seeing it come to pass.

All three images are from today, the view from the tram window down on the street and the bike are morning pictures taken with the 20/1.7, the light on the fence is evening light.

The Song of the Day is “I’m Still Here” from Tom Waits’ stellar 2002 album “Alice”. Hear it on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “2030 – I’m Still Here”

  1. The toy tiger on the kid’s bike made me smile, too. At first I thought the fence image was of tire treads – then I clicked to see the larger version. then went back to look at the thumbnail again and now I don’t see why my brain tricked me into see tire treads, lol.

    Do you suppose that bike – first image – has had its wheels stolen? The tram image almost makes me motion sick – yet I don’t get motion sickness!

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