2028 – Let There Be More Light III

Working in Lightroom is incredibly productive and you see the result: more images. Here’s the rest of yesterday’s images, taken at the cemetery of Magdalen, a district of Villach.

I’ve decided to leave my old collection of images alone. They are managed with iMatch, and although iMatch is completely programmable, and although there are some recipes on the Internet for how to do the migration, I currently won’t bother with it. I just start anew with Lightroom. Should I later want to integrate my old archives, I can always do it.

OutlierBalls of steelThrough
Wall of flowers 1Wall of flowers 2Wall of flowers 3
Wall of flowers 4Wall of flowers 5Wall of flowers 6

So far I think that I can work with Lightroom. It is pretty intuitive in most respects, but of course the program is incredibly complex. In order to get up to speed, I have bought the “Advanced Guide + New User’s Introduction to Lightroom 4” by Jeff Schewe and Michael Reichmann. As soon as I’m done with this blog post, I’ll continue viewing 😀

The real speed advantage of Lightroom is that you can do so many things automatically via presets. You find that you always use some specific settings? Make a preset and apply it automatically upon import. You use borders or watermarks? Make presets and apply them automatically upon export. You do the drudgery once, and then you are rid of it for all time. I think I could even arrange to upload final images automatically to Flickr. I won’t do that, because often when I work on the train I am not online and I don’t want to be held up. But anyway, it’s really impressive what Lightroom can do to your workflow.

The Song of the Day is “Let There Be More Light” from Pink Floyd’s 1968 album “A Saucerful of Secrets”. I’ve already used it in “607 – Let There Be More Light” and in “1779 – Let There Be More Light“. Hear the song on YouTube.

3 thoughts on “2028 – Let There Be More Light III”

  1. Very nice. Any possibility it could have been a square?

    I like what you are doing with the new OM-D and LightRoom. Sharpness and detail are increased, it seems, and also saturation.

    1. I tried different angles, tried a square, but this one was what came out best. All other variants had problems with serious distractions on both sides. And besides: a big cloud bank was floating, with its edge just where the sun was. There was considerable pressure, because I had no idea how long that light reflex would be visible. This is in the entrance to the cemetery. Add some people passing through and you get it 🙂

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