2027 – Night And Day

It was a mostly rainy weekend in Vienna, but on Saturday I could pick out some sunny hours. I did not go swimming like last week, but at least I got some material to feed into Lightroom.

Admittedly the Image of the Day is much more noisy than it should be. In the early evening I looked out of the window and there it was: a wonderful moonrise, a yellow moon in dark blue clouds. The correct action would have been to go for the Sigma 150/2.8, shoot wide open and use base ISO 200. Instead I took the 40-150 (that was nearer) and just took the image, even without looking at the aperture setting. From the sunny afternoon session it was still at f8 and there I had it: ISO 800, deliberately underexposed for the bright moon, most of the picture made up of the inherently more noisy blue channel.

Do I regret it? Not at all. Had I hesitated even seconds, the image would not have been taken. It was just a fleeting moment.

The image is a tiny crop, because I had to get rid of the roof of the next building, but still, I like it and I have it as my current wallpaper. If you like it as well, the image links to the full size and without the white border.

The Song of the Day is Cole Porter’s “Night and Day“, taken from the 1959 album “Anita O’Day Swings Cole Porter With Billy May”. Typically Anita, sooooooo good, but hear for yourself on YouTube.