2020 – How Many Worlds II

The Olympus 40-150 is a cheap lens and it is not a macro lens, but using it near minimum focus distance is pretty nice, and even more so with the new viewfinder stabilization of the OM-D.

I made these images yesterday afternoon, under a bright sun burning from the sky, thus even though the lens is slow and the blossoms moved in the breeze, shutter speed was high enough to freeze any motion.

We have kind of a heat wave at the moment, after taking these images I was swimming in the lake. The water is still pretty cool, but it’s already warmer than in October when I swam the last time 😀

Just as in “561 – How Many Worlds“, made ages ago, the Song of the Day is “How Many Worlds” from Brian Eno’s 2006 album “Another Day On Earth”. Hear in on YouTube.

One thought on “2020 – How Many Worlds II”

  1. Gee, my Sigma 90mm 2.8 macro lens doesn’t do as good a job as your “cheap” lens did. But perhaps it’s because as I get older, I can’t hand-hold as steadily as I used to be able to do.

    Looks like you’ve found a great camera at last! Keep letting us know all the things you can do with it.

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