2016 – Got Another Sweetie Now

It get’s pretty interesting now. After Olympus Viewer 2 and Corel AfterShot Pro we’ve got a third RAW converter that is able to work with images produced by the Olympus OM-D E-M5. Phase One has just released Capture One Pro 6, and among the supported cameras are the OM-D and the Nikon D800.

The Image of the Day has been converted with Capture One Pro, the version to the right with AfterShot Pro. Both have been further processed in Photoshop, both link to the full size image.

The AfterShot Pro version is a tad lighter and has slightly different color rendition, but I suppose that is entirely my fault. They have slightly different distortion correction as well (AfterShot Pro supports the lens, Capture One Pro does not), but that’s also not the interesting point.

Look at fine detail in the windows, especially the one in the middle. I know, it’s hard to see, but the AfterShot Pro version has some artifacts that got amplified by sharpening, while the Capture One Pro version is as clean as it gets. And not only that: I had to put more work into the AfterShot Pro version.

On the other hand, Capture One Pro is substantially more expensive, and while the difference is visible when you know that it’s there and when you are looking for it in 100%, it is hardly visible at all at normal viewing distances. Anyway, fact is, that we’ve got one more choice for our workflow.

Btw, do you remember yesterday’s ISO 6400 image and how I was not able to improve on the JPEG using the RAW, AfterShot Pro and Photoshop? I tried it with Capture One Pro as well, and although the result was much better, it still was worse than the JPEG from the camera. Impressive.

The Song of the Day is “Got Another Sweetie Now” by Benny Carter and The Chocolate Dandies. Hear it on YouTube.

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