2011 – Walk It Down

I really ought to show you Keith, but it’s late now and I don’t want to process another image. Tomorrow maybe. Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain anyway.

This image just happened. I wanted to take an image of the bicycle, and then that man walked into the frame. I could have waited until he was gone, or maybe release the shutter with the guy right in the middle.

I did both, and because the second image was just a tad sharper, the Image of the Day is a composite of the two versions.

The Song of the Day is “Walk It Down” from the 1985 Talking Heads album “Little Creatures”. Hear it on YouTube.

One thought on “2011 – Walk It Down”

  1. I like this – another “take” on bicycles.

    OK, so it’s “tomorrow” now – and where is Keith? LOL

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