2002 – Monday

This could as well have been “Red II” or else I could have included the Image of the Day in the last post, but anyway, here we have Monday’s images, posted for Tuesday on a Wednesday morning, while I’m on the train from Vienna back to Carinthia.

Monday was Easter Monday, a public holiday in Austria, and I had spent a hour in the afternoon on a short walk in another “unknown” part of Villach.

Well, it turned out not to be unknown at all, I had already been in that part, a year ago when I explored the other side of the river and crossed it at a bridge for pedestrians and bicycles only.

Villach is not that big, but with two rivers and being at the intersection of two major and a few minor railway lines, it is sometimes a little tricky to maneuver. Wherever you need to go, you always have to consider the bridges.

By the way, the image with the mountain in the background is a rather fine example for the power of RAW. The Olympus E-P2 already has a dated sensor and its dynamic range is definitely less than that of the Nikon D300 (which is dated as well), but it was enough to completely contain the tonal range of the scene.

The JPEG on the other hand had the sky almost white and the snow on the mountain was completely burned out. To get a pleasant sky, I would have had to underexpose the foreground. I don’t think that the D300 would have handled the situation any better. This is just where RAW shines.

The Song of the Day is “Monday” from the 1980 Jam album “Sound Affects”. Hear it on YouTube.

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