Apr 042012

Today, on April 4, Tonto has passed away. He was the most wonderful, the most lovely cat in the world. He was our cat. He was a charming coward, a joker, a lover and our most beloved.

I like to stress the fact that I don’t believe in gods or afterlives, but when death strikes, it is so incomprehensible and so cruel, that despite of all my denial I can’t help but wish him to eternally lie on soft pillows, basking in the warm sun. He is in our hearts and there he will always be, together with Lambda, who left us the year he was born.

The Song of the Day is “The Weeping Song” from the 1990 Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds album “The Good Son”. Hear it on YouTube.

  17 Responses to “1996 – The Weeping Song”

  1. Tonto looks like our own Blanche, who passed a few years ago. I am familiar with your grief.

  2. Life is short and death is long. Retha and I have had shared our lives with many four legged friends over the decades and we are better for having known them. We know and share your pain. In your photo he seems like quite a content being. I imagine that his life with you was about as good as it gets for a friendly little cat.

  3. Hi Andreas,
    Sorry to hear about your loss. He looks very happy in this photo. Handsome cat!

  4. Thanks all. Yes, he was quite a pleasure seeker, and I suppose he did find a lot of it 🙂

  5. Sorry to hear about Tonto, Andreas. He looks like a cute little fur ball! 😀 I’m sure that you have very fond memories of him and lots of photos, to boot!

  6. I’ve seen lots of cat photos but this really is a portrait. Many fond memories of Tonto!

  7. They are only ours for a little while but what they leave us with will last a lifetime.
    Keep his memory close to your heart.

  8. I’m very sad for your loss, Andreas, he looked like he was quite a cat. No matter how you prepare yourself, it’s still devastating…

  9. Andreas, I’m so sorry that Tonto couldn’t stay around with you for a few more years. I too know the pain of losing pets – several dogs and a cat. They tend to snuggle their way into our hearts, and even though they leave some day, they’ll always be in our hearts and sooth the pain with happy and funny memories.

    My cat was a Siamese. I wrote a short story – from his point of view, however. If you’d like to read it: Tucker’s Tracks. Perhaps it’ll help lift your spirits a little.

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