1992 – Tanglewood

When I looked at the diverse collection of Saturday’s images, I was slightly confused. Which one would be the Image of the Day? I had no idea.

The images had been taken before, during and after a short trip to a nature reserve south-east of Villach, a loop in river Drau, still connected with the main river, now a bird’s paradise.

And which images should I include in the first place? I had processed six of them, and at least the mountain was obviously made in a different place, while the black and white image was from the same place, but in a completely different style. And the blue boat?

In the end I decided to use all these images. I just have enough processed images that have already been uploaded, yet are still unused in a post. Let’s flush the pipeline, saving images is for wimps 😀

This question out of my way, I still had the problem of deciding which image should be Image of the Day. As so often, the decision was more or less random. I began with the first, looked for a title, thought about entangled wood, and lo and behold, there’s a song called “Tanglewood 63” from the 1971 album “Colosseum Live”.

I suppose what they meant was not a forest but the brand of guitars, but maybe I am entirely wrong. It’s hard to tell anyway, because although there are vocals, there is no text.

On the other hand, a damn fine piece of music it is. So fine indeed, that it made my decision: I just had to use this “song”. Hear it on YouTube.

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