Mar 272012

I did go out today, but only to buy breakfast 🙂

The Image of the Day was taken yesterday. It is an HDR of three exposures, taken handheld out of the entrance of the former monastery of Ossiach.

The Song of the Day is “Gateway” from the 1993 Henry Threadgill album “Song Out of My Trees”. Hear it on YouTube.

  4 Responses to “1988 – The Gateway”

  1. Really nice image, Andreas! I finally took the plunge and bought a Sony Nex-5n as a go everywhere all the time camera. So far, I’m enjoying it. I can’t see it replacing my D7000 but now I have no excuse for not having a camera with me…

    • Really amazing this success of small system cameras. Everybody either complements or replaces DSLRs. When Olympus/Panasonic created the category, it was all a gamble and it was risky to invest in it. Now, I’d say, they are definitely here to stay 🙂

  2. Nice HDR work… looks very natural and not overly processed.

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