1987 – Waters Of March III

Today I was back at Lake Ossiach, this time in Ossiach on the southern shore.

Ossiach has a monastery and originally I went there for architecture, but in the end the most interesting images were of reflections in the lake.

For the Image of the Day I made generous use of my artistic license, at least as regards colors, the other one is pretty as it was πŸ™‚

As in “1601 – Waters Of March” and “1609 – Waters Of March II” the Song of the Day is “Waters Of March”.

Weather you prefer Cassandra Wilson or Holly Cole is a matter of taste. Both give this Antonia Carlos Jobim composition a distinct touch.

You rather want to hear the master himself? No problem, YouTube has that as well.

10 thoughts on “1987 – Waters Of March III”

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I really like that image. I was out for something completely different, but as so often, it is not necessarily careful planning what makes an image πŸ™‚

    1. It’s a fairly new boathouse. I was excited to see that reflection. What you see is a relatively tight crop, but only for reasons of symmetry. Even without cropping, the pattern fills the whole frame. It’s only that the crop improved balance.

  1. Beautiful images Andreas. I have them both on different tabs of my browser and every no and then flick black to them. I think they will be staying there for a while longer πŸ˜‰

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