1986 – Duck & Cover

Ossiacher See (Lake Ossiach) is a lake near Villach at the foot of mount Gerlitzen, Villach’s skiing resort. Although opening hours of super markets are regulated in Austria, there are exceptions for tourist areas, and due to the combination of mountain and lake, Treffen, a village at the western shore of Lake Ossiach, is a tourist area almost all of the year.

As a consequence, this small village has a respectable concentration of supermarkets. All chains, regulars and discounters alike, are present there and supply Villach on Sundays.

I was buying some food and, already being there, enjoyed the sun. I even met a guy who undressed and sprang into the water. He didn’t stay there longer than maybe 20 seconds, but then he repeated the show. I was so amazed that I even forgot to take an image 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Duck & Cover” from the 2010 DePhazz album “Lala 2.0”. Hear it on YouTube.