1983 – Ragged Wood II

It’s getting harder and harder finding songs that I own, that somehow match with the Image of the Day and that I have not used so far.

Currently I have around 39000 digital tracks, most of them in OGG format, that are those that I’ve ripped from my own CDs, and the rest are the MP3s that I’ve bought in the last two years. I’ve not yet ripped all my CDs, but what remains are classic symphonies, operas and all sorts of obscure medieval and renaissance music, secular and spiritual. They won’t help though, because a madrigal by Carlo Gesualdo, although a most interesting chromatic experience, rarely makes for a good Song of the Day. Neither do the multi-textured motets of Philippe de Vitry or his chansons from the Roman de Fauvel.

Thus ripping more music is not the solution. Buying more would certainly do the trick, but at the moment I read instead of hearing music. Buying just for the benefit of the blog would be a stupid waste of money.

Let’s look at some statistics.

There are 1404 matches for “Love” in my songs. Cool, huh? I just need to make my next 1404 images about love. 318 matches of “Heart”. Much less, still a lot but still not practical.

There are 165 matches for “Rock”. Maybe I should make a series about quarries?

There are 1215 matches of “blue” (909 of them in “blues”), but only 24 for “yellow”, and some of them are submarines. Should I restrict my use of colors?

Using songs as titles has become a dear habit, but you see, it’s not always easy and I hope you can live with some repetition.

As in “1602 – Ragged Wood” the Song of the Day is “Ragged Wood” from the 2008 self-titled Fleet Foxes album. Hear it on YouTube.

4 thoughts on “1983 – Ragged Wood II”

  1. Surely there must be some folk songs about loggers? LOL

    These trees must have been felled by loggers or other people wanting to clear a space in the forest. Nature doesn’t trees fell in such neat and tidy rows.

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