1981 – Spring Is Here III

It’s mid-week, I’m in Carinthia, not on vacation but as a nurse. This leaves me time to make one or the other picture, and today you’ll see both 🙂

The pictures were taken while I went to see the doctor. You know, you change places and we did so twice during the last four years, but you probably don’t change your doctor.

Of course what once was near is now 25 kilometers away and going there I had to cross familiar territory.

I glimpsed the flowers, Helleborus niger or “Schneerose” (“Snow Rose”) here in Austria, while driving eastward through a forest. Normally I don’t take the same way back, but this time I had the feeling I knew what those white specks below the trees were, and really, on return I was rewarded plentifully.

The Song of the Day is “Spring Is Here”, this time by Charlie Haden and Kenny Barron, to be heard on their 1996 album “Night And The City”. YouTube has it for you.

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