1974 – Straight Lines

There are still 26 more posts to go, but WordPress informs me that, due to a number of administrative posts over the years, this is post #2000 on this blog 🙂

Back again to bicycles. It was a dull day, but from tomorrow on the sun is supposed to come out and we shall meet an early Spring. Let’s see, I won’t have much time before the weekend anyway.

The Song of the Day is “Straight Lines” from Suzanne Vega’s self-titled 1985 debut album. Hear it on YouTube.

4 thoughts on “1974 – Straight Lines”

  1. You are one of the very few people whose blogs I visit who have kept up posting. Some have taken hiatuses of almost a year – so I find myself wondering why they bother to even keep paying for a blog. Thank you for this, and also thank you for all the interesting topics you discuss outside of the actual images that you post. 🙂

    Speaking of images, I do like looking at the various lines in this image that seem to converge in lower right, even though they are on different planes.

    1. Thank you for visiting. As to blogs, well, most people don’t pay for them at all. Get one for free at Blogger, WordPress.com, etc. I do pay, because I like to run things my own way and I’ve had trouble with Blogger in the past.

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