1971 – Red Castle

It’s Sunday night, I am NOT on the train to Vienna, I’ll take the train tomorrow morning at 5:25 am.

These are images taken yesterday, on a Saturday afternoon walk through Villach. In a way they are the leftovers, those that didn’t fit into the overarching concept.

The Image of the Day is of an outside wall in the most fashionable shopping mall in Villach. Red walls are always attractive πŸ™‚

As soon as I took it, I knew it would be the Image of the Day. On some days I use this as an excuse to stop taking pictures, but not so on Saturday.

Little did I know how many would follow and how much of a processing problem this would pose on Sunday.

The ladder is in a garden in a residential area full of small houses built maybe in the 1950s. I absolutely loved the strong side light.

The image of the sign is probably the weakest of the whole afternoon. I still include it, because it was very hard to process and, well, we like our weakest children πŸ™‚

There’ll be many more images of this afternoon tomorrow (well, actually today). See you soon.

The Song of the Day is “Red Castle” from the 2008 Dada Weatherman album “The Green Waltz”. Hear it, download it, and (why not ?) buy it, on Jamendo.

4 thoughts on “1971 – Red Castle”

  1. Oh yes, red walls are great. But I especially enjoy your interpretation of it – the angle, perspective and lightning work fabulously.

    1. And not to forget, it’s a great wall to work with. Maybe I should try the D300 / Sigma 8-16 on it for something even more radical. Otoh, I really should sell them and buy the Panasonic 7-14 πŸ™‚

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