Mar 022012

Here’s one more from Sunday afternoon. I think the way the clouds are reflected and how the reflection melts into the sky is pretty interesting.

It’s not a square and I didn’t want to stretch it. It was just the only way to take an image of this building without having distractions in the frame. Any other angle wouldn’t have worked.

The Song of the Day is “You And The Clouds Will Still Be Beautiful” from the 2000 XTC album “Wasp Star (Apple Venus Volume 2)”. Hear it on YouTube.

  4 Responses to “1962 – You And The Clouds Will Still Be Beautiful”

  1. I love the composition and reflections… this is a favorite. It almost looks like trickery… but I am sure it is not.

  2. There’s something very ‘Marvel Comics’ about the red building and the blue sky and the crisp reflection, I like it!

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